The QUOTIENT function returns the integer quotient of two numbers.

QUOTIENT(numerator, denominator)

numerator: A number to be divided by another number. numerator is a number value.

denominator: A number to divide into another number. denominator is a number value. If 0, a division by zero will result and the function will return an error.

If either, but not both, the numerator or denominator is negative, the result will be negative. If the sign of both the numerator and the denominator is the same, the result will be positive.

Only the whole part of the quotient is returned. The fractional part (or remainder) is ignored. 

=QUOTIENT(5, 2) returns 2.
=QUOTIENT(5.99, 2) returns 2.
=QUOTIENT(-5, 2) returns -2.
=QUOTIENT(6, 2) returns 3.


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