More about Dates

We are looking into some more Weekday formula in addition to my earlier blog post about Weekday function.

In this example we are identifying  the first and last weekdays using the Weekday, Month, Date & MOD function in Google Docs Speadsheets.

The Chosen date is in cell B1,

the link to my earlier Weekday function

One Response to More about Dates

  1. Anand,
    remember “sending email using only spreadsheet formulas, no Javascript/Apps Script required.”

    I have a working version, simple to understand when you see it in action.
    There are two ways two trigger the send. A timer formula or a button formula.

    I am cleaning it up and adding some documentation at the moment, before I make it public.

    can you send me an email
    and I will send you instructions and a working demo.

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