Most dangerous words in financial world

Please check the following words before you invest, if they are there think twice before investing

  1. Offshore
  2. The opportunity of a lifetime
  3. Prime bank
  4. This baby’s gonna move
  5. Guaranteed
  6. You need to hurry
  7. It’s a sure thing
  8. Our proprietary computer model
  9. The smart money is buying it
  10. Option strategy
  11. It’s a no-brainer
  12. You can’t afford not to own it
  13. We can beat the market
  14. You’ll be sorry if you don’t
  15. Exclusive
  16. You should focus on performance, not fees
  17. Don’t you want to be rich
  18. Can’t loose
  19. The upside is huge
  20. There’s no downside
  21. I’m putting my mother in it
  22. Trust me
  23. Commodities trading
  24. Monthly returns
  25. Active asset-allocation strategy
  26. We can cap you downside
  27. No one else know how to do this.