NETWORKDAYS.INTL Weekend working days

Returns the number of net working days between two provided days excluding specified weekend days and holidays.Google has introduced the Networkdays.intl function in December’ 2013

Let’s look at the syntax of the function

NETWORKDAYS.INTL(start_date, end_date, [weekend], [holidays])

Always remember when anything is square brackets [ ] that argument is optional, when ever you are using the fourth argument you have to use weekend argument otherwise you may get #Value error

the list of weekend are as follows:

Let’s try to understand the with an example.

Suppose we have dates in the cell B1 to B10 and we have holidays from Cell D2:D3 to find out the list working days between the given date we use the networkdays.intl function.

the formula in i used in the cell D5 is


in this example i have assumed that Saturday & Sundays are holidays

the same thing can be written using binary


we will get the same results as 4

the advantage of writing with the binary form is suppose working days are only Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday something like a weekend market, we do not have such option in the weekend argument, so we have use the binary format. The formula will be


the result you will get is 7